As Florida Re-opens, we are excited to be restarting our volunteer program on a limited basis. Our volunteers are so critical to the success of our organization and our clients. We have missed YOU! Also we are already getting ready for Christmas. See seasonal opportunities on how you can help 🙂

There are many opportunities to help at Opportunity Place.

  • Shelter Support (Daytime Shifts): As the economic effects of the pandemic continue to be felt in our community, the number of people calling into our shelter for help has gone up dramatically. These volunteers will help answer our phones during the day, provide resources to these families, and help those that need to get on our wait list. You’ll also have the opportunity to help us organize donations, get rooms ready for new clients, and help clients with their case plans.
  • Shelter Support (Evening Shifts): Come help our shelter coordinator from 4 – 9 pm. Every night is different at the shelter. Whether you are serving dinner, helping a client with their resume, or getting a room ready for a new family– you’ll be directly helping our clients by providing a supportive environment and assisting them to get back into their own home.
  • Child Enrichment (Afternoons/Evenings): Help our kiddos with their homework or work with our Family Service Coordinator to put on enrichment activities for the kiddos. If you like music, art, yoga, chalk, or just being silly with little ones, this is the position for you!
  • Handy Men/Women (Whenever works for you): We got a really generous donation to update our bathroom fixtures and are just waiting for them to be installed. Normally we’d have one of our groups come tackle this project but with COVID we are just relying on individual volunteers. If you have an afternoon free, come help us transform our bathrooms!
  • Housing Scout (Virtual): Finding affordable housing in this area is really hard. Our clients will get new jobs, save money for a move but still find themselves stuck because housing is so difficult to locate. You can help virtually be researching rental opportunities for specific families.

On Call Options

Sometimes our needs are time sensitive. If you’d like to be added on our on call list for any of following positions– we could really use the help in a pinch!

  • Welcome Teams: Help us get new rooms ready for our families. Clean the rooms and “Shop” in our pantry to get them the sheets, blankets, pillows, and toiletries. Make them feel welcome with a little note and the love you put into making their space nice.
  • Delivery Drivers: We often have donors who have furniture for the shelter or for families that are moving into their own home. But they typically don’t have a way to get the furniture to us or the clients. If you own a truck and don’t mind some heavy lifting, we’d love your help getting these items to those in need!


  • Hurricane Prep Team: Sign up to be on the list of volunteers that can help us prep our building in the event of a storm. We’ll contact you 48 hours from landfall to help us move sandbags, move children’s play equipment, clear our roofs, and if needed cover furniture inside.
  • Christmas Crew: It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of year! Opportunity Place needs extra volunteers in December to help with the toys for tots program and with shelter decorations and activities.

Sign Me Up!

Interested? Please contact our Shelter Coordinator at 850-359-6190 ext 3 or email We would love for you to be part of the OPI family!

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