As Florida Re-opens we are excited to be restarting our volunteer program on a limited basis. Our volunteers are so critical to the success of our organization and our clients. We have missed YOU!

Right now there are two volunteer roles that would help us tremendously:

  • Shelter Support (Evening Shifts): Come help our shelter coordinator from 4 – 9 pm. Every night is different at the shelter. Whether you are serving dinner, helping a client with their resume, or getting a room ready for a new family– you’ll be directly helping our clients by providing a supportive environment and assisting them to get back into their own home.
  • Housing Scout (Virtual): Finding affordable housing in this area is really hard. Our clients will get new jobs, save money for a move but still find themselves stuck because housing is so difficult to locate. You can help virtually be researching rental opportunities for specific families.

Sign Me Up!

Interested? Please contact our Shelter Coordinator at 850-200-4847 or email We would love for you to be part of the OPI family!

Making a Difference will Change Their Lives (and Yours)