Our Program

Opportunity Place Inc. exists for one reason: to help families with minor children and single women who are homeless become self-sufficient. We do this by providing a safe and secure haven, food, clothing, basic needs and case management, connecting parents and children to all possible resources in the community. We focus on the well-being of the individual and whole family. When a parent knows their child/ren are safe (not living in the woods or in a car), and in a healthy environment – they are able to focus on their own challenges and barriers. They can look for a sustainable job, secure additional skills, and find affordable housing. They are able to become a healthy, supportive family unit in which all family members are able to thrive.

Core Services

  • Safe and secure temporary emergency housing.
  • Assistance securing sustainable employment, financial stability and housing
  • Basic human needs are met at enrollment, during stay and upon exit
  • Comprehensive, personalized case management
  • Connect clients with mainstream, community, faith-based, and public resources/services
  • Provide enhanced follow-up services

Community Services

  • Distribute food and products to community in need
  • Connect those in need to community resources and services

Resource Linkage

Adult clients meet with the case manager and/or shelter manager at the time they are enrolled in the program. Based on the needs of the individual or family, clients are connected to appropriate resources such as Career Source, Bridgeway, 90-Works, Salvation Army, Tri-County, OTHERS of Destin, Legal Services, Okaloosa County Transit, VA programs, potential employers, Section 8 and HUD Housing, medical providers, mental health and substance abuse programs, trauma counselors, and domestic violence and rape crisis centers. They are assisted with obtaining copies of vital records critical to receiving health / child services, employment and housing.

On-site services, beyond the budgeting and parenting classes, may include presentations led by community resources such as: financial institutions, the Homelessness & Housing Alliance, Bridgeway Center, Shelter House, the Sherriff’s department, and other agencies. Local professionals provide health assessments, nutritional and wellness and life-skills workshops as needed at the shelter. Beauticians come in periodically to assist clients prior to job interviews.

Family and Child Services

Children who experience homelessness are more likely to have emotional and physical health issues and are less likely to participate and excel in school. There needs are multiple. Therefore, OPI works closely with Bridgeway, Okaloosa County School District, Title 9, Head Start, Healthy Start, Healthy Families, Family First, Department of Children and Families, Early Learning Coalition, and community volunteers to provide academic enrichment, tutoring, therapeutic play, and other activities designed to help our little ones overcome trauma and advance academically. The Case Manager and Family Services Coordinator identify potential areas requiring expert intervention and consults with parents as to what resources would be best to meet the needs of the child.

On-Site Learning Opportunities

  • Parenting Skills
  • Budgeting
  • Coping with Trauma
  • Coping with Group Living
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Life Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Job Interviews
  • Housing