Our Mission, Goals and Vision


End homelessness for women, children and families in Okaloosa and Walton County

Core Goals

  1. Provide a safe, supportive environment where clients’ basic needs are met and where they have the space and time to tackle their unique challenges.
  2. Empower residents to secure permanent housing and build up sufficient financial resources to maintain that housing independently after exiting shelter.

Vision for OPI

In order to end homelessness in our community we need to break the cycle of homelessness before its starts, reduce the trauma of homelessness, and provide stabilization support so that one episode of homelessness does not lead to a multi-generational cycle of instability and trauma. To achieve this mission, OPI is working to achieve the following:

  • Core Programming
  • Prevention
  • Shelter
  • Rapid Rehousing
  • Stabilization
  • Housing First
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Self Care