Give the Gift of a New Tomorrow

The stories that have brought people to our doors are varied. For some it was a hurricane, destroying everything they had. For others it was a choice to protect herself and her child from an abuser. For some it has been a long fight with addiction or mental illness. For others it was an unexpected medical expense that has sent finances spiraling.

Whatever their story has been, their tomorrow is something NEW. At Opportunity Place our mission is to give the families and the women that come to our door a chance at a TOMORROW that looks different: a tomorrow with enough food, a tomorrow with warm blankets, a tomorrow without fear, a tomorrow without addiction, a tomorrow with a safe home and an opportunity to succeed.

We do that by providing safety, shelter, clothing, and warm meals today and by offering a personalized case management program to help our clients find permanent housing and access the resources they need to rebuild their lives. We are the first step — a safe haven, a jumping off point– to their NEW TOMORROW.

Be a part of their NEW TOMORROW.


A Nutritious Meal Today


Family gathered round a table Tomorrow

Soft Pillows and Clean Sheets Today


Restful Sleep Tomorrow

Heat and Water for Hot Showers Today


A Positive Self-Image Tomorrow

Electricity, internet, and computer access today


Digital Literacy Tomorrow

Quality Childcare Today


A Love of Learning Tomorrow

12 weeks of personalized, housing focused, case management today


A Safe, Stable Home Tomorrow

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