Opportunity Place is hiring! We are looking for men and women who are passionate about helping homeless families and women get back on their feet. If you value respect, honesty, and courage and want to make a huge impact in the lives of people in this community, apply today by emailing resume and letter of intent to jobs@opifwb.org.

Client Services Specialist (Nights + Weekends)

The Client Services Specialist (CSS) is responsible maintaining a safe, supportive shelter environment in the evenings and on the weekend. S/he will monitor the needs and safety of residents and be available to handle emergencies and de-escalate crises. They will ensure clients basic needs are met by assisting with the meal donor program, and by cleaning and preparing rooms for new clients. S/he will also be responsible for enforcing shelter policies and rules with compassion, using trauma informed care best practices. S/he will support client’s case management plans by helping them with housing searches, job applications, benefit applications, etc.

Family Services Coordinator

The Family Services Coordinator (FSC) is responsible for overseeing our child and family programing. (S)he will develop activities to promote well-being, social interaction, and learning components in small and large group settings. The FSC will also be responsible for assessing family needs and helping families navigate the referral process for family-oriented services such as Healthy Start, Early Learning Coalition, tutoring, and Families First. The FSC will also work closely with the Title IX Office to ensure that school aged children’s educational needs are being met.

Home School Support Specialist

The home school support specialist (HSS) is in charge of ensuring that school aged children enrolled in e-learning program who are residing at the shelter have their educational needs met. They will be available to provide technology support and offer homework/class work assistance to children with substantive questions about their lessons. They will also plan age appropriate enrichment activities for elementary, middle, and high-school students. This is a temporary, contract position that will remain open until schools and daycares re-open.

Preschool and Toddler Support Specialist

The toddle and preschool support specialist (TPSS) is responsible for supporting the social, emotional, and developmental needs of the toddlers and preschoolers residing in the shelter during the COVID-19 Crisis.  The TPSS will provide educational resources and enrichment ideas to parents. The TPSS will also plan and implement individual and small group learning activities for these toddlers and preschoolers. The TPSS will also provide childcare as needed. This is a temporary, contract position that will remain open until schools and/or daycares re-open.